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    About Oronite Chevron Oronite develops and markets quality additives that improve the performance of fuels and lubricants. We provide innovative solutions that keep the world moving. A subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, Oronite ...

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Extreme Pressure Industrial Gear Oil

High performance, mild EP, industrial gear lubricant formulated with a sulfur-phosphorus additive system, which also provides rust and oxidation inhibition, a corrosion and oxidation inhibitor and a metal passivator. Designed primarily for industrial gear lubrication services where loads and shock loadings are high.



• Enclosed industrial gear drives
• Open gear drives (heavy grades)
• Spur, bevel, helical, worm and industrial hypoid gear cases
• Industrial type reduction gearboxes on mining equipment, cement mills, ball and rolling mills, crushers, conveyors, kilns, winches, machine tools and marine equipment
• Chain drives, sprockets, slide guides and flexible couplings
• Plain and rolling element bearings
• For bath, splash, circulation or spray lubrication, as applicable to the grade



• ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 (EP)
• U.S. Steel 224 (Grades 68 to 320)
• David Brown, Table E, approved (Grades 68 to 680)
• DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP (Grades 68 to 680)



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